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Our Services

All our services are designed to help you do better, whether you are a for-profit business, a non-profit organization, or an individual looking for personalized help. How can we help you today?

Business Services

We can help your for-profit or non-profit business be more legal, more ethical, and make more money. This means you can do more, with less, and focus on your core competencies.

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Residential Services

We can help your property or residence look and perform better. Improve your home or complex's beauty, functionality, and environmental efficiency.

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Personal Services

We also offer personalized coaching and advising to make you better.

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Be Legal. Be Ethical. Make More Money.

We make your business smarter, more efficient, and people-centric.
Plus, we can make you better at being you.

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Our Philosophy

Be legal. Be ethical. Make more money.

Be Legal

We can work with you (and your attorney) to make sure you efficiently and effectively follow laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, California's Unruh Civil Rights Act, and Title VII.

Be Ethical

Your clients and customers—or donors—care about more than minimal adherence to the law. Work with us to become people-centric, improving your reputation and brand image—while doing good in the world, too.

Make More Money

Whether your goal is increased profit or greater power to help others, money is a key part of any business strategy. We can help you be more efficient, develop new markets, and improve your brand's visibility.

Be legal. We help you follow the law, efficiently and effectively.

Lawyers are expensive. Lawsuits are even worse. We can help you work better with your attorney—and reduce the chances you'll need defense counsel in the future. Whether it's improved policies and procedures or cost-effective training, we can help.



Be ethical. We show you how to go beyond your legal duties.

By being ethical, you can improve your brand, gain customers or donors, and feel good, too. Don't risk damaging your brand; do the right thing.

Make more money. We don't forget the money.

Whether your focus is on making a profit or on returning it to your community, we can help you do better. Most people who run a business are experts in something other than business itself. So focus on your products and services and let us help you with the rest.